Esquire World Cup Contest

Project description

Esquire Facebook tab micro-site for tickets to the world cup.

With the upcoming World Cup 2014, Esquire wanted to up its Facebook followers with a contest that would send them and one their friend to Brasil to partake in this one in a lifetime event.

The Facebook app consisted of a splash page that the user had to ‘Like’ in order to gain access to the actual app, in which the user had to create their own profile image that consisted of predefined background and their own words.

They, and everyone else, would be able to vote upon each user design in a gallery that was managed by a CM. Final submissions were then once again voted upon in order to see who would get the prize.

This 3 phased project was approved of within days and had to be delivered within 2 weeks, a tall task indeed, but as Cantina Digital has always maintained: there is no deadline that we cannot make.

Delivered on time, and on budget with over 5.500 participants.

Project details

  • Client: Televisa Editorial
  • Category: Web Design + Development
  • Data Created: March 15, 2012