Corona Music

Project description

Corona Music’s goal was to get more young people to drink Corona. The target demographic was 18-24 year olds who were more inclined to hit YouTube or illegally pirate their music instead of purchasing. Our solution was to build the first Mexican streaming platform where anyone would be able to download music with every code that was given out with their Corona purchase, along with being a hub for any music related event leading up to Mexico’s seminal music festival: Corona Capital.

For 2.5 years Cantina Digital’s Creative Director and Founder lead Grupo Modelo’s Corona Music in every capacity. From Designer to Creative Director. He managed teams throughout the world to bring Corona Music to life. During his tenure he was tasked with revitalizing Corona Music in order to compete with Spotify arrival into the Mexican market. Under his leadership he averaged a 2 million+ user reach per month, and over 10 million downloads / beers sold.